Guest rooms

All the Japanese-style rooms overlook the sea and the fishing port.

The view of the beautiful sea and the old-fashioned Japanese fishing village from the rooms.
You can enjoy the view change as time goes on, such as the views of setting sun, Isaribi, the starry sky and so on.

“Isaribi” (fishing light) is a part of the name of our inn.
(Isaribi is fire used for attracting fish when fishing during night.)
The view of Isaribi that glows in the darkness of night is fantastic.
There are 4 types of guest rooms to choose from
Room with an open-air bath (with private bath and toilet).
Casual Japanese-style Room (with a private toilet).
Standard Japanese-style Room (with a private bath and a toilet).
Japanese-style room (shared bath and toilet).

Guest rooms

Guest room with an open-air bath “Kakurenbo (Hide and seek)”.

As the name “Kaurenbo (Hide and seek)” suggests, this room is slightly separated from the reception.
Therefore we wouldn’t recommend it to people with walking difficulty.
The room consists of two spaces and so is spacious.
Overlooking Zatsugasaki Port from the open-air bath, you will feel as if you are in the sea while you enjoy the quietly changing view.

Guest rooms

Enjoy the 360°panorama view.

Guest rooms

There are only two rooms of this type, “Umi-no-an” and “Tsuki-no-an”, which tend to be booked up quickly.

Casual Japanese-style room.

Guest rooms

Spacious room consisting of adjacent two spaces.
It’s a twin room with Japanese-style beds. It has a private toilet.
[8 rooms]

Standard Japanese-style room

Guest rooms

The most popular type of room at Kancho.
Enjoy the serene view of the sea and the Japanese space characteristic to Japanese inns.
[10 rooms]

Japanese-style room

This room type is particularly popular among guests who wish to spend more on sightseeing and/or meals.
※This type does not have a private bath or a toilet and so guests are requested to use the shared bath and toilets near the room.
[8 rooms]

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